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Depression services offered in Newport Beach, CA

Once depression settles in, it’s not likely to get better until you seek professional help. As a specialist in helping people recover from depression, Ryan Wright, MD, creates customized treatment plans for each person. He offers multiple treatment options, from traditional care to today’s most innovative therapies, like ketamine and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). No matter how depressed you feel, you can recover and regain a thriving life. To schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment, call the office in Newport Beach, California, or book online today.

Depression Q&A

When should I seek help for depression?

Depression may start after trauma or a life transition. You may inherit a genetic tendency that makes you susceptible to depression. Or you can become depressed for no apparent reason because neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) are out of balance.

Whether or not you can point to a specific depression trigger, depression persists due to imbalanced brain chemicals. Without treatment, your symptoms won’t improve and may get significantly worse.

If your depression lasts more than two weeks or you have thoughts of suicide, you should seek help from Ryan Wright, MD.

What symptoms occur due to depression?

Depression typically causes negative emotions nearly every day, for most of the day. Your symptoms may include:

  • Feeling sad, worthless, and hopeless
  • Withdrawing from your partner, family, and friends
  • Losing interest in the activities you enjoy
  • Eating more or less than usual
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Struggling with insomnia
  • Having a hard time concentrating
  • Being unable to make decisions
  • Thinking about suicide

Depression often causes physical symptoms like chronic pain, headaches, and muscle aches.

How is depression treated?

Depression treatment is highly personalized and may include any of the following:


Dr. Wright uses several therapeutic approaches for depression, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). During therapy you may identify the things that trigger depression, recognize and change distorted thoughts that contribute to depression, and learn ways to deal with your feelings. 


If you have moderate to severe depression, you may need antidepressants. Dr. Wright provides comprehensive medication management, but he often combines medication with therapy to achieve the best results.

Dr. Wright may recommend ketamine if your symptoms don’t improve with antidepressants or you feel suicidal. Ketamine usually produces rapid results, often lifting depression after one treatment.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

TMS is another innovative treatment Dr. Wright recommends if you don’t feel better after trying antidepressants. Dr. Wright uses NeuroStar® Advanced TMS Therapy to send pulsed magnetic energy into the area of your brain where underperforming neurons cause depression. The energy boosts nerve function, increasing neurotransmitter levels and lifting your depression.

You can recover from depression with treatment from Ryan Wright, MD. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.